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Every single Eco-Max Voltage Optimiser installed by Optimized Energy so far has been cash positive from day one. For that reason we are confident in offering you a number of zero cost options. Each will have no upfront costs to you because of the instant profits from the ECO-MAX system. Coupled with our guaranteed savings promise you have nothing to lose!

Thanks to our partners, Solutions Asset Finance, we are able to offer:

  • Operating leasing (Generally for Public Sector)
  • Capital or finance leasing
  • Sale and leaseback
  • Energy Performance Contract (EPC)

The choice of option will have different benefits dependent upon your preferences and circumstances. The Optimized Energy finance team will work with you to create the best funding option, which in most cases can be structured so that the costs are entirely covered by the savings made. In this way, the installation of an ECO-MAX Voltage Optimiser can provide immediate savings, and in most cases tax allowances are also available.

Please download an example finance offer based on Eco-Max Power 630 amp over three years. The monthly payment of £902 is covered with a £4,600 surplus in the first year, which represents a £122,000 net saving over the first 10 years of install.

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