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Eco-Max Surge, Optimized Energy
Eco-Max Surge - surge box, Optimized Energy


Made in UK, Optimized EnergyA spike in power for anything over three nanoseconds (billionths of a second) is classified as a surge. This prolonged over-powering can damage, degrade, or destroy electrical equipment. Equipment which is costly to replace and repair.

Anything electrical is vulnerable to electrical surges when it is plugged in. Typically designed to only withstand an electrical surge of about double the normal electrical supply, a surge in electricity can have a negative effect on the productivity of your business. If a critical piece of equipment is affected, then the effect could be devastating.

Most companies protect their business with Surge Protection. Quickly and easily fitted by a qualified electrical contractor, Surge Protection:

  • Avoids installation damage
  • Prolongs the life span of your transformer and any sensitive site equipment
  • Reduces system disturbances
  • Saves maintenance costs and equipment replacement costs
  • Easily installed by a qualified electrician
  • Fit and forget technology


Eco Max Surge, Optimized Energy

Surge protection from Optimized Energy meets and exceeds the BS EN62305 – Part 4 standards as defined by 17th Edition Wiring Regulations EN61643-11.

  • Ready to install next to TP&N or SP&N system distribution boards or consumer units
  • Open Din mount or Fully sealed IP65 enclosure
  • Visual Indication to meet all current Legislation
  • Din rail mount, plug in concept
  • Lowest let through voltage
  • Designed and tested in a leading European Laboratory
  • Pre-mounted Din rail system
  • 10 year guarantee
Part No. Type* Description
LSA 2P 15 1 & 2 15kA 230V single phase combined lightning & surge arrestor
LSA 4P 15 1 & 2 15kA 400V three phase combined lightning & surge arrestor
LSA 2P 25 1 & 2 25kA 230V single phase combined lightning & surge arrestor
LSA 4P 25 1 & 2 25kA 400V three phase combined lightning & surge arrestor
SA 2P 15 2 15kA 230V single phase surge arrestor
SA 2P 40 2 40kA 230V single phase surge arrestor
SA 4P 15 2 15kA 400V three phase surge arrestor
SA 4P 40 2 40kA 400V three phase surge arrestor
SURGE-ENC Enclosed as an optional extra

* Type 1 – permanently connected, designed to be installed between the service transformer station and the line, as well as on the load side or meters.

* Type 2 – permanently connected, to the service load side, in distribution panels.

Eco-max-surge protection is available through all electrical wholesalers.

If you have a large industrial property and would like us to install a bespoke surge protection system to maximise savings in your company please contact us directly.

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