Betfred Voltage Optimisation

Multi-site roll-out programme across Betfred sites nationwide, with initial random 5 site selection to analyse savings achieved

Betfred is a large independent Bookmakers, established in 1967. With their head office in Birchwood, Warrington, have a large portfolio of premises nationwide. Betfred are passionate about the implementation of energy saving measures throughout their business to help them reduce their overall energy spend and achieve their green energy targets.

Betfred decided to use GWE as their voltage optimisation supplier following an extensive search within the VO marketplace. Contributing factors were GWE’s great reputation with blue-chip clients (e.g. Tesco, Amazon, Deutsche Bank) and that GWE were able to produce the volume of units, to a high quality standard, within specified timeframes, and they considered excellent customer service of paramount importance.

15% average energy savings achieved by the ECO-MAX,
saving of £3,533 per year, across five trial shops.

“It was decided across the board that implementing a voltage optimisation project would effectively reduce our site voltages to a more desirable level, minimising stresses on branch equipment, reducing overall energy consumption and reducing the cost of our electricity bills”

Len Hodges

Estates Manager, Betfred

Since the installation electricity consumption across the Betfred chain has reduced overall and they have seen significant energy savings.

CO2 emissions have been reduced, and Betfred are closer to meeting carbon targets.
Due to the reduction in voltage spikes and fluctuations from the installation of the ECO-MAX units, electrical equipment on the sites will now have a longer operational life and will work more effectively at the reduced voltage, reducing maintenance costs.