Viridor Voltage Optimisation

The Bolton TRF was looking for viable ways to make substantial energy savings. One of the technologies considered by the onsite engineering team was power optimisation offered by GWE. Voltage optimisation and power factor correction offer two different, but complementary power saving techniques.

Voltage optimisation directly reduces the amount of power drawn by the connected equipment by supplying it at a voltage nearer to its design voltage, whereas Power factor is a way of describing how efficiently electrical power is consumed.

Energy & Financial Summary of Project:

548,251 kVAhrs

Reduction in consumption per year

£ 212,852

Reduction in electricity cost, per annum

£ 63,436

Total project cost

3.6 months

Payback period

288 tonnes

Reduction in CO2 emissions, per annum
The installation of an ECO-MAX POWER combined voltage optimisation and power factor correction unit reduced the total amount of power drawn which translated into additional generator export revenue for the site.

Prior to installation a detailed site survey was carried out together with datalogging to obtain base information. The site was then logged again following installation and comparisons made. The results of which are indicated on the graphs shown.