Voltage Optimisation for the Music Industry

Hospitality operators face average annual bill increases in the region of at least 300%*

The financial impact of the energy price rises on the Grassroots Music Venue sector presents an existential challenge. For a sector with a total gross turnover of £399 million, the current rise equates to an additional £90 million in costs.*

*information from the Music Venue Trust (MVT)

Voltage optimisation can play a key part in reducing energy costs to music venues and hospitality businesses. It can provide long-term solutions to reducing business energy bills. The way voltage is supplied in the UK means there is consistent wastage in energy with the use of all electrical equipment. This causes:


  • Excessive damage to electrical equipment, shortening its lifespan and increasing maintenance costs.
  • Increased energy bills from paying for the wasted voltage.
  • Excess carbon emissions from the voltage that is wasted and cannot be used.  

Where incoming voltage is more than 234V there is a potential financial saving of 8% – 19%. The UK average voltage supply is 242V. With electrical equipment working at max efficiency at 220V, many businesses can benefit from reducing energy consumption through voltage optimisation. We specialise in energy savings for a wide range of premises.

We can combine voltage optimisation with other technologies to provide the highest levels of energy savings possible, dependent on site-specific issues. Get in touch with our team to find out more.