Zeal Hotels: Ibis Bridgewater


Annual saving

CO2 reduction

Zeal Hotels implemented voltage optimisation technology (VO), which resulted in significant cost savings, reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions, extended equipment lifespan, and gave a remarkable return on investment (ROI).

Zeal Hotels faced a challenge with high electricity bills due in part to an excessive voltage supply, resulting in unnecessary energy consumption, heat stress on equipment and increased costs.

Optimized Energy conducted surveys and using historical data from billing and an analysis of their operational loads and seasonal usage, provided detailed reports for Zeal Hotels to make an informed decision. Installing intelligent VO equipment immediately provided savings and a means to measure, track and create valuable reports through the online portal.

VO ensures that electrical equipment operates at an optimum voltage level, carefully matching the load requirements in each case, reducing energy wastage and associated costs.

£29,676.69 annual overspend

154.7%, ROI

8 months payback

9.98% decrease in overall energy usage

16,571 kg decrease of CO2 emissions annually

50% Increase In lifespan of electrical equipment

By investing in this energy-efficient technology and reducing their environmental impact, Zeal Hotels demonstrated their dedication to responsible business practices.

Including the effect of energy inflation they will save in excess of £325,132.05 over next ten years.