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Quite simply… NO! Due to the inherent overvoltage across the UK, its inevitable that most electrical equipment across a large site will be consuming more power than it needs to operate efficiently, meaning it will burn out quicker increasing maintenance costs, and most importantly your electricity bills will be higher than necessary month on month, year on year!


If you use any of the following electrical equipment, over long periods of time, then your business can benefit from extraordinary savings on your electricity bills when you install an Eco-Max Power Voltage Optimiser.

    Made in UK, Optimized Energy

  • Conveyor belts
  • Offices & Appliances
  • Printing presses
  • Refrigeration units
  • Air compressors
  • Welding Equipment
  • Fabrication Machinery
  • Space and Process Heating
  • Fluorescent strip lights
  • Sodium & Metal Halide Roof & Flood Lighting
  • Motors, Fans & Pumps
  • Outside Lighting & Towers


Energy saving in your business

Why is a lot of the power they use going to waste?
Here in the UK electricity suppliers can supply voltage to a building between 216v and 253v, although we often see higher. In order to maintain the supply at peak periods, and at the furthest distance from their substation or power plant, your provider is likely to supply voltage at the upper end of this range. If your supply voltage is higher than it needs to be, you are consuming more power than you actually need.

Voltage Dependant Equipment designed to operate at 230v will consume around 10% more power if supplied at UK average 242v.

Using an ECO-MAX Voltage Optimiser to adjust the Voltage supply across your site, means you will only pay for the electricity you actually need to use. This typically means a 10% reduction in energy bills.

Over supplying your equipment with voltage can reduce its life by 45%
Every profitable business in the UK relies heavily on its equipment – whether it is office based or industrial. That equipment is weakened when constantly being supplied with a higher voltage. This over-supply results in unnecessary extra heat, noise and vibration which will wear the item out, often failing 45% sooner than when the voltage is optimised properly which reduces maintenance costs.

Every business in the UK is different; providing specific products for their own unique market sector. At Optimized Energy we design every one of our ECO-Max Power systems to exactly suit the specifics of your business. We manufacture a range of add-on modules which allow you to have a bespoke solution at an off-the-shelf cost.

  • Fixed Ratio Voltage Optimisation (EMP)
  • Brown Out Protection (EMPi)
  • Stage Voltage Tracking (EMPs)
  • True ByPass
  • Metering and Remote Monitoring
  • LV Distribution
  • Active Harmonic Filtration
  • Active Power Factor Correction


• Most larger and industrial scale sites will have additional charges on their electricity bill, sometimes called ‘Reactive Power Charges’

• Are you running close to your supply capacity, perhaps even occasionally blowing fuses?

• Do you need to add new equipment but don’t think you have enough spare capacity?

Eco-Max Power Factor Correction (PFC) may be the answer.

Most businesses will have some inductive loads that leads to its supply having poor power factor and this can lead to your electricity supplier charging additional ‘reactive power charges’ and ‘service capacity charges’, in addition to your standard KWhr charges itemised on your electricity bills. Even if you haven’t noticed these charges yet, as suppliers utilise more of their smart meters functions, most are gradually beginning to add these charges and we have seen some bills rise over 20% overnight.

Poor power factor also means unnecessary increased current is drawn from the supply and the threat of blowing main fuses if the supply capacity is exceeded.

Installing Eco-Max Power Factor Correction will reduce your overall power consumption, leading to lower electricity bills and reduced charges. Due to the effects of power stabilisation, heat reduction, and voltage drop reductions there will be an overall improvement in power quality resulting in increased life expectancy of electrical equipment and leading to an increase in your supply spare capacity.

Generally installed at the main incoming supply point all our Power Factor Correction solutions are bespoke and tailored to a specific site’s requirements.  Our units are manufactured in the UK, using quality components and steel enclosures to prevent corrosion and exposure to harsh environments.

With Eco-Max Power bespoke range the active PFC system can be built integral to the Voltage optimiser system for a comprehensive site specific power quality energy saving solution.


eco-max-3ph-surge-enclosureDid you know that a lightning strike miles away can cause a surge that can damage electrical equipment across your site?

Modern businesses are full of expensive electrical and electronic systems, yet these critical systems are at risk from the regular occurrences of transient over-voltage surges.

Lightning strikes, and other power grid surges from sub-station switching and power cuts etc are the main causes of electrical device failure so protection against these over-voltages should be a fundamental part of our electrical system configurations.


Fitted quickly and easily by a qualified electrician, it will provide you with peace of mind whilst it silently protects all your electrical equipment. Lightning and surge protection can be installed at your incoming supply point, or at the supply point of a specific piece of equipment to be protected, or where necessary, both.

Remember, on larger sites with heavy electrical equipment such as large motors, surges can easily be caused from within your own business from such as your machinery starting and stopping, and these can gradually break down insulation of electronic devices, so its not only about a lightning strike!

Don’t be like most people who wait for the next surge to already have damaged your expensive equipment before you act!


Step 1 would be for us to carry out a quick assessment of your electrical system and obtain your billing information, to then provide you with a report detailing potential savings, costs and return on investment.  On larger more complex sites a detailed site survey and power analysis with datalogging over a period of time, typically 1-2 weeks will be carried out. The complex data will be analysed and a detailed report provided, with costs, return on investment and guaranteed savings.

We always recommend that our Eco-Max Power Voltage Optimisers, PFC and Surge Protection products are installed by suitably qualified and competent electrical contractors. We can provide details of approved contractors, or many sites would rather use their own regular or preferred installers, which is fine by us and we would be delighted to work with your chosen team to provide a complete successful turnkey project.

Contact us as detailed below now to discuss the potential savings for your site!

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