Energy Hub

Reducing energy consumption within business is key to development and growth. There are so many innovations and developments within the energy sector and there is growing support and opportunities for businesses looking to reduce their energy usage and make significant savings. We provide green energy technology solutions to reduce energy consumption and costs, supporting the transition to Net Zero carbon (NZC) pathways with improved ESG performance. Our team are part of a growing network within the industry and can offer a consultative approach to voltage optimisation and wider energy savings.

Our Energy Network

Any business works better with a strong network of partners and associates to help it flourish. Optimized Energy is fortunate to be part of a varied ecosystem of established business partners, all with the common aim to provide the best energy solutions and services as possible to the many different sectors of industry we operate in.


Tackling climate change and sustainability goals is a huge task, but it’s not one we have to face alone. Our network of businesses, advisers and organisations share a wealth of knowledge and resources that can help your business achieve it’s energy goals.

Knowledge is power: power knowledge is invaluable!

“Energy is typically the largest indirect cost most businesses face.”

(Businesswise Solutions)

Managing your energy spend is what our good friends over at Businesswise Solutions excel at; you can leverage their knowledge of the power industry with their UK Energy Markets Dashboard – giving seasonal future developments in energy markets and their impact on costs for commercial businesses.

Head over to Businesswise Solutions to find trader insights, commodity price tables, price forward curves and up to the minute news with their Outlook for the week ahead.

Our Partners

Our partners help us to achieve the highest standards for our clients, from high quality UK manufacturers to a host of service providers. Together we help businesses to reduce energy consumption and costs, eliminating excess energy waste to operate sustainably.

Need to know more? Want free expert advice?

We specialise in energy savings for a wide range of premises. Optimized Energy give free, clear and honest advice to commercial and industrial businesses for the best voltage optimisation solutions.